Dope animation is kinda our thing.

We're a London-based animation studio creating Game Trailers, Anime Loops, and Music Videos for teens and adults. Scroll down to see us in motion.

Looking good isn't enough.

Our passion is 'The Idea' - After all, what use is great looking animation if it's not bringing something interesting to the table? We work with clients to find and run with it, hard. Led by industry veteran Jeremy Nixon, we push beyond the contemporary, blending European, American and Japanese influences to create something dope for tomorrow.
Check out our work, and get in touch for a quote!
Game Trailers
In a sea of game releases fighting for attention, let the world know what makes yours special. Find out more.
Anime Loops
With anime's popularity surging, refresh your marketing with animated looping videos. Find out more.
Music Videos
Emphasize your song's artistry, and take your fanbase to places you never could with a video camera. Find out more.
Pitch Work
Looking for funding? We can perfect your pitch to help get your project off the ground. Find out more.
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