Hi! I’m J - A London-based Director and Animator.

I specialise in hand drawn, studio-quality storytelling. In the last decade, my work has seen by more than ten million people online and in film festivals worldwide.

I'm passionate about bridging empathy between the viewer and the work - Whether it’s fun character concepts, moving animations, or pulse-pounding music videos. I create smaller projects from scratch, and work with trusted collaborators on larger pieces of work.

Check out some of the projects I've worked on, and get in touch to discuss working together!
Elhae's 'Trouble in Paradise' Album Trailer
In collaboration with the R&B/Hip Hop artist Elhae, I wrote, animated and edited a two part trailer for his new album, one representing darkness and the other light.
Click here to watch both halves, and find out how I created them from start to finish.
Thrash Racing Loops
I've been working with Thrash Racing to build a series of 90's anime-style looping videos, growing their brand and providing fun content for their fans.
For more in the series, click here.
Leo & Helen: The Lost City of the Americas Pitch Trailer
Diamond Entertainment commissioned me to design and animate a one-minute trailer for their IP Leo & Helen, which they are pitching as a full animated series.
I worked alongside Dane Jacobs to realise a hand-drawn tale of love found and lost. It has since amassed over 4 million views and a cult following on Youtube.
Other short films we co-directed and animated can be found here.
Want Something Like This?
If you're after a music video, promotional piece, or shareable loop, don't hesitate to get in touch, or check out the Projects page for more of my work.
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