Hi! I’m J - A London-based Freelance Animator and Illustrator.

In the last ten years, I’ve published personal and professional animations and illustrations seen by more than 10 million people online and in film festivals around the world.

I'm passionate about bridging empathy between the viewer and my work - Whether it’s fun character concepts, moving animations, pulse-pounding music videos, or heartfelt illustrations.

Check out some of the projects I've worked on, and get in touch to discuss working together!
RAD Soldiers
I wrote, animated and edited trailers for the hit iPhone game RAD Soldiers, gaining more than a million views through entertaining hand-animated segments.
For more in the series, click here.
Lost Sea
I wrote, animated and edited a teaser trailer for the PS4 game Lost Sea, setting the scene for the game's events and providing a light-hearted look at its contents.
I worked alongside a friend to realise a hand-drawn tale of love found and lost, through clean-up, digital colouring, shadows and effects. It has since amassed over 4 million views and a cult following on Youtube.
Other short films I co-directed and animated can be found here.
Alongside animation, I work with clients to create fun, character-driven illustrations. Check out a sample of my work here.
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