Since 2018, we've been creating authentic anime style loops for brands and music artists. With anime exploding in the West, as well as nostalgia fuelling many adults that grew up consuming it, these loops have proved to be extremely popular with audiences online.
Thrash Racing
Thrash Racing approached us in 2018 to create 90's anime-style looping videos to build the channel's brand. The collaboration has continued, with a strong focus on giving followers enjoyable content over selling a specific product.
The series draws heavily from japanese racing subculture and the City Pop/Future Funk music scene, whose visuals are often accompanied by loops cut from old anime shows.
American facemask company Omaju is '100% Inspired by Anime and Japanese culture', so we were a perfect fit! We re-imagined the store owner in a cyberpunk future, with his facemask cycling through different designs offered by the company.
Never Content
Client Never Content wanted a loop of their iconic mascot Boxcat, to use in a 24/7 music stream online. We delivered a Neo-Tokyo style street awash with colour, and plenty of small details.
We also created a 'day in the life' video of Never Content's mascot to thank their fans and customers at the end of 2019, sending Box Cat on a coffee-fuelled trip through a neon-lit Tokyo.

For a breakdown of the loop's creation, click here.
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