At every stage we involve the client, keeping them fully in the loop. This allows them to see the project coming together and provide feedback.
No matter the project, our production process is the same:
Preproduction is everything that goes into a project before we start on the final video. This is the 'conceptual' phase, where we go wild with raw ideas.
Idea & Script
When a client approaches us with an idea, we examine it in the context of the client's existing or target audience. It's vital to understand who the video is aimed at to decide how it looks and feels.
Sometimes a client has a clear idea of what they're after, sometimes they kick it to us to come up with 'pitches' that we lobby back for consideration.
With the idea settled, we write a script that takes everything into account.
Concept Art
When the client is happy with the script, it's time to start making stuff look pretty! Whether starting from scratch or working from pre-existing designs, we sketch several character concepts for the client to choose from.
We create 'Character Sheets' for each, detailing them from all angles as a guide to keep them consistent once animation began.
Storyboards & Animatic
With the characters approved, we rough out an 'animatic' to decide on shot angles, pacing, and editing of the final video. This is deliberately kept rough so we can quickly tweak and make changes when needed.
Production is when the rubber hits the road - All ideas are locked down, and everything created from this point onwards is in service of the final video.
Background Art
Working from the storyboards, we digitally paint the environments.
The style of video dictates our approach - from realistic anime paintings to bright 'cartoony' images, sometimes blending 2D art with 3D techniques.
Animation & Compositing
The most time-consuming part of a project is the animation itself.
Typically, we work in a traditional 'cel' animation style, albeit with newer, digital technologies. Each character you see moving, breathing and living onscreen has been hand-drawn up to 24 times per second of animation.
For each scene we start with an extremely rough pass, to nail the movement. 
We follow this with a 'Tie Down' pass, which is where we add details and make sure that the characters look consistent from frame to frame.
The 'Clean Up' phase follows, where we lay down the final linework.
We then colour and 'Composite' each scene - Combining the animation and the background, and adding additional lighting and visual effects.
Music and Audio Effects
Music is a big part of our process. Unless the client supplies us with a track, we hunt down or compose the perfect soundtrack to the piece - often informing the pace of the video itself.
We finish with an audio pass, sculpting sounds to support and enhance the visuals. And with that, the project is complete!
Project Breakdowns
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