With years of experience in both videogame production and marketing, we know it's tough to find an audience in this oversaturated market. 
You need to hit the viewer in the figurative face with what makes your title special; Animation is a sure-fire way to command attention and support the unique selling points of your game.
Modern Wolf
We've worked with the indie game publisher Modern Wolf on several projects since 2019. We wrote and delivered a trailer for the upcoming 'kick-em-up' platformer Skeleton Crew that emphasised key gameplay elements in a (frankly) ridiculous fashion befitting the game.

For a breakdown of the trailer's creation, click here.
We also animated their logo, touching on the publisher's cornerstones of community, strategy, and ethics.
Splash Damage
Industry veterans Splash Damage have been cranking out hit multiplayer games since 2001. Working as game artist, brand artist and finally brand manager over the course of 8 years, Jeremy helped to define the voice for several games, most notably Dirty Bomb and RAD Soldiers.
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