Hey there, I'm J!
I'm a human who likes to tell emotional, relatable, and amusing stories through animation. I've got a soft spot for the surreal, and dart between my passions for music, art, board games and people. To get a better idea, jump to my Instagram and Twitter accounts!

I grew up and studied in little 'ole New Zealand, worked as a character animator and digital artist in television, and co-released the phenomenally successful short film Entropy.

In the years since, I've moved to London to work in illustration and animation, and have several years experience as Brand Manager for the video game Dirty Bomb - which now has over 8 million owners on Steam.

Armed with all this experience, I've launched into animating freelance. I'm ready to tell your story end-to-end, using digital 2D animation, motion graphics and illustration.

Drop me a line at jeremy@nixonanimation.com, or use the 'Contact' button above.
I'd love to hear from you!

- J
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