Thanks for enquiring about my rates.

My standard rate is US$60/h.

- Fully Animated videos (short films/adverts etc) cost around $20k-30k per minute, depending on their style, complexity and detail. These usually tell a story, and contain multiple characters, shots and backgrounds.

- Animated Loops (album art/posters etc) cost around $2k - $6k, depending on their style, complexity and detail. These usually consist of a single background and character with some repeating animation.

I always supply a quote before we agree to go ahead, based on your brief. I charge half up-front for new clients, and stay in constant contact throughout a project's duration to provide updates and make sure you're happy with the results.

Because costs can vary widely between projects, I've included some recent examples with their associated costs:
Fully Animated Videos
DHL's 'Epic Delivery Girl Kyoko' Anime Series
Cost per minute of animation: $24k (10 working weeks)​​​​​​​
Hand drawn 'realistic' animation. Several characters and backgrounds.
Leo & Helen Cartoon Trailer
Cost per minute of animation: $24k (10 working weeks)
​​​​​​​Digital 'realistic' animation. Several characters and backgrounds. More info.
Never Content Year-End Video
Cost per minute of animation: $14k (6 working weeks)
​​​​​​​Hand drawn / digital 'cartoon' animation. 2 characters and several backgrounds. More info.
Elhae Album Trailer​​​​​​​
Cost per minute of animation: $14k (6 working weeks)
​​​​​​​Hand drawn 'realistic' animation. 2 characters and a few backgrounds. More info.
Animated Loops
Thrash Racing Loop
Cost: $4k (8 working days)
​​​​​​​Hand drawn 'realistic' animation.
Omaju Sewing Loop
Cost: $6k (12 working days)
​​​​​​​Hand drawn 'realistic' animation.
Never Content Street Loop
Cost: $5k (10 working days)
​​​​​​​Hand drawn 'cartoony' animation with hand-painted 3D backgrounds.
Client Feedback

Here's a selection from some of the feedback I've received from clients:

"Hands down one of the best freelancers I have worked with. I could not recommend Jeremy highly enough. He is professional, adheres to deadlines, has an amazing talent and a great communicator."

"I don't know what else there is to say about Jeremy! He can do no wrong! Not only do his videos attract customers and totally destroy the internet for a day in my world, I ENJOY WATCHING THEM TOO! Will be back of course!"

"Jeremy was a great fit for our animation project. He hit all deadlines while providing high quality work. Communication was great and he quickly gained a clear perspective on what it was that we wanted to accomplish."
Custom Quote

Hopefully these examples give you an idea of the costs to expect. For a detailed quote more specific to your project, get in touch at

For an accurate quote, please include:
- The product, company, or musician/song the piece will be used for
- The rough length you expect the animation to be
- An idea of the story you want to tell, or mood you're aiming for. This can be a very loose idea, as I usually start by collaborating on a script with clients
- Your budget, if you have a limit you want to aim for

Thanks a lot! - J
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