I was heavily involved in the iOS strategy game RAD Soldiers, which went on to top the App Store's Strategy and Board Game categories in 99 countries.
I set the visual tone for the game artists to follow, and created marketable assets for its release, including the logo, app icon, and several animated trailers.
Initial Concept Sketches
When the project began, I explored the visual style of both characters and environments, helping to define them.
Environment Style Guide
I painted a single 'Target Render' image, and then followed up with an Environment Style guide that could be followed for the creation of future concepts and assets.
Environment Concepts
Using the established style guide, I painted concepts for assets that could be used in every level, as well as map-specific ones.
Marketing and iTunes Art
I designed the final logo of the game, set a vibrant orange key art style, and rendered illustrations of the characters for posters and advertising.
I then created the final assets for the App Store, including app icon and screenshots.
I wrote and created several trailers to market the launch and subsequent updates of the game using captured footage and classically animated sequences, making sure to keep the wry humour of the game intact.
Teaser Trailer
Chrome Launch Trailer
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