Win a prize by drawing my character Booster in your own style! For the first time I'm running a Draw This In Your Style challenge, and I'd love to see your creative spin on Booster - a young yet jaded cyberpunk con artist.

■ DEADLINE: November 9th 2022
■ HASHTAG: #dtiysbooster

■ Follow my account on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter.
■ Redraw (or animate!) the character in any way you choose.
■ Post your version first and then mine in the same post or video.
■ Tag me so I can see your picture.
■ Use the hashtag #dtiysbooster
I'll be sharing all entries in my stories, and my top 3 favourites will also win:
■ My favourite entry will get a brand new copy of The Animator's Survival Kit, and a print of their choice (any art or animation on my feed).
■ Two runner ups will also get a print of their choice (any art or animation on my feed).

Here's a short story for more character context:

Booster smiled as she waited. The look on the face of that rich-bitch up Pasadena Grove would get her through the week. She pictured the plum-stuck sneer twisting in rage and humiliation, betrayed by all five Port-Hol duds she'd so greedily snapped up.

Booster checked her tube. Two left. That's what - eighteen units in three days? Shit, she'd be out of Santo Springs in no time - maybe even before the Corp caught wind of Scalp's dumpster diving.

As if on cue, Scalp's bulbous head rounded the corner. He was lurching for the gate, weighed down by two fresh tubes. "Let me in!" he screamed, atop a fresh cacophony of barking dogs and the tell-tale shriek of Corp sirens. Goddamnit.
Good luck, have fun, and if you have any questions drop a comment on one of my social channels!
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