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Part of our rates package includes sharing the finished work (along with appropriate links and tags) to our audience of over 350,000 followers across Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter. We often post work-in-progress and behind the scenes content, increasing the reach of your work further.

We always start with a free quote based on your brief, and stay in constant contact throughout a project's duration to provide updates and make sure you're happy with the results.
Animated Loops
£2000 - £4000 (dependent on style, complexity and detail)
Best used for social media posts to maximise engagement, these consist of a background and animated character, set to music. They seamlessly loop, so can also be used for music videos, 24/7 music streams etc.
Fully Animated Videos
£250 - £600 per second of animation (dependent on style, complexity and detail)
Best for short films, music videos, trailers and adverts, these usually tell a story, and contain multiple characters, shots and backgrounds.
Thrash Racing Loop
​​​​​​​Hand drawn animation - £3000
Omaju Sewing Loop
​​​​​​​Hand drawn animation - £4500
Never Content Street Loop
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hand drawn animation with hand-painted 3D backgrounds - £4000
Skeleton Crew Reveal Trailer
Hand drawn, action-heavy animation. Several characters and backgrounds.
£600 per second of animation
DHL's 'Epic Delivery Girl Kyoko' Anime Series
Hand drawn animation. Several characters and backgrounds.
£300 per second of animation
Never Content Year-End Video
Hand drawn / digital animation. 2 characters and several backgrounds.
£200 per second of animation

Elhae Album Trailer​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Hand drawn animation. 2 characters and a few backgrounds.
£200 per second of animation
Free Quote

Hopefully these examples give you an idea of the costs to expect. We charge half up front for new clients. For a detailed quote specific to your project, get in touch at

For an accurate quote, please include:
- The product, company, or musician/song the piece will be used for
- The rough length you expect the animation to be
- An idea of the story you want to tell, or mood you're aiming for. This can be a very loose idea, as we usually start by collaborating on a script with clients
- Your budget, if you have a limit you want to aim for

Thanks a lot!
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