Brand Direction
As Dirty Bomb's Brand Manager, I developed the brand style, including designing the logo and iconic 'radiation' glyph, and art directing all key art for the game.
Art Direction and Logo Design: Jeremy Nixon.
Art Direction : Jeremy Nixon. Logo Design: Jeremy Nixon and Mathew Clark
Art Direction: Jeremy Nixon. Final Artwork: Mat Clark and Yulin Li.
I wrote, directed and edited update trailers to promote content and further the narrative of the game, using the voice of the wise-cracking 'Jackal Commander' to differentiate the game.
I've written stories and scripts for comics set in the Dirty Bomb universe, to accompany the release of characters and events.
I also drew clear layout frames for comic artists to follow (on the left, below), and provided art direction, reference images, and feedback.
Story and Layout: Jeremy Nixon. Final Artwork: Manuel Dischinger and Yulin Li.
Event Design and Direction
I was heavily involved in the conception of player-driven events, including a unique design philosophy that allows players to drive the outcome of narrative beats through shared play.
This included narrative direction, designing websites, and painting concept art for assets in the game.
Web Design and Trinket Concepts: Jeremy Nixon. Other art: Mat Clark.
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